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Free on craigslist - Free in Ottawa

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Previous Entry Free on craigslist Jul. 20th, 2009 @ 05:32 am Next Entry
Great list of items - amusing read, even if you're not interested in free stuff...

found here:

Lots: books, vacuum, CDs, art, Kinder Egg toys, futon, more.... (Westboro)
Date: 2009-07-19, 10:13PM EDT
Reply to: sale-qf95c-1278579953@craigslist.org

I'm soon to be a Montrealer. I've got a house to empty out in a week or, if absolutely necessary, a touch more.

There's some stuff that folks might care for, depending on their tastes and extra space at home.

Vacuum, Shark, under 2 years old.
Iron, old, still works like the kind of appliance that makes old folks say "they don't make them how they used to". This is how they used to.
Toaster Oven. The sort you buy new for $60 or receive as a hand-me-down from someone else who got it the same way. I hand it down to you.
Microwave, the simple kind where you turn the knob to how many minutes and... that's it. No freaky buttons or excessive controls. Like an Amish Microwave, except for the electricity bit. =)
Mini-cuisinart - grind 2 cups worth of whatever. Get whatever's consent first, or else be sure it's inanimate.
A couple workhorse pots or pans. The sort anyone gives away when they move.
An Ikea Queen fold-out futon.
A friend of mine has dibs on this, but I list it here just in case.
Several hundred Kinder Surprise Egg Toys, mostly from the 90s. Much beloved by me, but I'm older now, and my wife has something called a "design aesthetic" that I'm aspiring to.

Books, all free:

How to Do Just About Anything - Reader's Digest. Not a Chicken Soup for Losers trite volume, but a how-to guide to an oddly wide list of to-dos.
Access 2000 for Dummies.
Adultery - Richard B Wright
Bhagavad Gita As It Is - Hare Krishna goodness.
The Canadians - Malcolm

Gaming Books, from a younger me:
D&D 3.5, 7th Sea, Eberron....

7th Sea Card game - about 3 shoeboxes worth of cards. A great game I'd still be playing if I still found more willing and socialized players.
Miscellaneous CDs, too many to mention. None huge artists, but many worth a listen, especially for free.
Specific CDs:
My old band, Lighthousekeepers, ordered more copies of our only CD than our short history merited. A free copy, or several, for anyone who picks up anything else. It's good, but I have no use for the 200th through 500th copies I have.
A tree painting, by JD Slayton, more haunting than well-painted.
A very brightly-coloured lacquered painting of an orange guitar, oddly with a mirror for the guitar's soundhole.
A 7" high wooden statue I like to refer to as the "Fucking Africans". The woman's hand is broken, perhaps from zealous pursuit of pleasure.
Speakers, Lloyd's, from the 70s, I think, 60w.
Also, not free: Klipsch THX surround 5.1 speakers. Truly excellent.
All save the Klipsch speakers free to anyone who can find me this week.

I also have some furniture for sale that will become free if not sold by around next weekend: a 7th heaven queen bed (super-firm futon mattress), purchased 2004 for about $750, a table and chairs, two chests of drawers....
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