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Free in Ottawa

Free In Ottawa
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This community is dedicated to helping out one another in Otawa, Ontario. If you have something you don't need/ want that may be useful to someone else (in fair condition) then here is the place to post and let your gently loved articles go to a new and needing home. Also if you see objects left on the curb and can post fairly soon after, feel free!


1. Headings: Wanted (looking for something, Offer (something to get rid of), or Curbside
2. Edit your enteries in order to reflect whether or not the object(s) in question have been taken, are pending pick-up, or what you wanted has been recieved.
3. All objects must be free of any charges/ conditions
4. No animals
5. No re-selling of gifted items - This is a place to find things you need not to make a buck :) If you find you no longer need said item, please feel free to post it here again
6. No foul language, harrassing remarks etc. In other words, be nice ;)


Heading: Offer: (Item Name)

Body: Description of item(s) - be honest regarding the condition of the item(s), area of town, date needed to pick up (if applicable), size/ weight of object, picture (if possible), method of preferred contact (email, or please post reply etc.)


Heading: Wanted: (Item Name)

Body: Description of what it is your looking for, date needed by (if applicable), method of contact, area of town (esp if constricted to picking up only in certain areas)


Heading: Curbside: (Item Name)

Body: Description of items(s), location (cross streets), approximate size of object(s )for pick up purposes.

Please do not forget to edit enteries if item(s) are taken. Thanks!