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Offer: Loveseat GONE - Free in Ottawa

About Offer: Loveseat GONE

Previous Entry Offer: Loveseat GONE Jan. 3rd, 2011 @ 10:43 am
(Its GONE)  

Anyone want a free, really comfortable loveseat?  We were given a full size couch and have no room for this one anymore.   It is a few spills (mostly chocolate ~ thanks kids ~ nothing unsanitary) but, other than that, it is in really good shape. Has always been in a smoke-free home.  We do have a cat and a dog, so if you are allergic, this is not the couch for you. 

It must be picked up by two people (or one very strong person) who can bring it upstairs.  It is not that heavy, so it will be quite easy to move. 

The couch is 66" wide, 35" deep and 30" tall (at the highest point of the back)

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